W Residences Costa Rica –  Reserva Conchal inspires the new/next way of living for people who are always in the search for endless nature-connected adventures.

The call <br />of adventure

The call
of adventure

Jump off some of the most popular waterfalls and light blue rivers, fly over trees like Tarzan, or go bungee jumping in Grecia. You will definitely find plenty to make your heart skip a beat.

Ring of

Whether you want to rev up your adrenaline or just enjoy the majestic scenery, Costa Rica’s fiery mountains will delight you to the core.

Explore the Volcanoes
199 KM away | 3 h drive (aprox)The King, known as one of the country’s most active volcanoes, its surroundings hold the perfect combination of dense greenery and incredible wildlife.

Poás 264 KM away | 4 h drive (aprox) Experience the towering beauty of a volcano that remains steadily active to this day. Can you handle this hot adventure?

Irazú 323 KM away | 5 h drive (aprox) Its stunning and panoramic views are the definition of eye candy. Its slopes are lush and green with plenty of forestation. Walk up to the crater and see the inside of a volcano with your own eyes.

Turrialba 332 KM away | 6 h drive (aprox) Recent volcanic activity transformed the landscape into something that looks and feels out of this world; green states and ashy trails welcome any adventure seekers.


Explore Guanacaste, also nicknamed «The Golden Coast» due to its sparkling beauty, and find secret beaches off the beaten path that you can have all to yourself.

Check out the most popular
Witches Rock
18,8 KM away | 25 min (aprox) Not only are the sandbars deposited perfectly, but the famous rock sitting offshore will refract oncoming swells.

Ollies 139 KM away | 2h 30m (aprox) Get up early, time the tides, swells and wind correctly, and you are guaranteed great waves all day long.

Irazú 26,6 KM away | 39 min (aprox) A secret local surf spot, turned into the main stop for the best riders in the area.

Playa Grande 17,5 KM away | 28 min (aprox) This is where the pros go at it. From October to January, visit the Playa Grande to see Baula Turtles nesting.

Tamarindo 19,7 KM away | 29 min (aprox) You can never go wrong with surf at Tamarindo. With local surf shops every 5 meters, warm water, beachfront cafes and restaurants, Tamarindo just seems like the perfect spot to learn or surf everyday with the locals.

get in
the blue

Nicoya is a must for culture
and tradition into Costa Rica

Enjoy permanent backstage access to one of the five regions in the world known as Blue Zones, where the most long-lived and healthiest people in the planet live. Go local, connect with the people, and discover the meaning of the country’s unofficial slogan “Pura Vida”.

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Welcome to the playground where the most vibrant people in the world come to mingle. Ownership unlocks access to an exclusive community of creative fellow residents with social and networking opportunities on tap. Go further with like-minded and extraordinary individuals by your side.

Area &

Pura Vida vibes meet high energy adventure at W Costa Rica – Reserva Conchal, where legendary surf and lush forests set the scene for thrill seeking or sun worshipping. Bordering the iconic Guanacaste Coast, our resort hotel is perched on a pristine stretch of sand minutes from Brasilito Beach and Tamarindo’s world-class breaks.

Grab your board and hit the waves, nibble on something sweet at the Beach Chocolate Factory or kick back at Zona Azul, W Costa Rica’s bold beach club. 

In the mood for exploration? Look no further than our resort’s backyard—Reserva Conchal, a sprawling 2,300-acre nature reserve home to monkeys and mangroves. Turn up or tune out at W Costa Rica, a haven for wildlife and a playground for free spirits.